The WIT Network


We are thrilled to have partnerships with other amazing organizations supporting women in technology. One of the reasons why we are called The WIT Network is that we want to support and partner with these organizations to bring the best content, events, programs and networking opportunities to our global membership.

See below for the amazing benefits WIT Network members receive.


National Association of Women Sales Professional (NAWSP)

This is a US based organization with plans to expand. The National Association of Women Sales Professionals improves the prospects for women in sales by connecting you with over 13,000 other female sales professionals in a network that reaches into 16 major cities nationwide. By uniting with these awesome professional women, you can build professional contacts, find great new opportunities and hone your craft until you’re a top 1% sales pro in your field.

NAWSP brings women together in what has traditionally been the boys’ club of B2B and B2C sales professionals. By working together, our members develop new approaches to selling that shake up the establishment and make each of us far more effective than we could be by working alone.

When you join NAWSP and start connecting with the other women in sales who make our organization the exceptional place that it is, you become part of an established network of mentors and advisers, leaders and innovators, teachers and friends whose advice and encouragement can give you the confidence to take charge of your own success in sales.

EXCLUSIVE WIT NETWORK OFFER: Join NAWSP and save 20% on your annual membership – join a community of 13,000 and participate in local events and training.

Women in Cloud

The WIT Network shines a light on women led businesses and welcomes the opportunity to work with the Women in Cloud Organization to showcase and share best practices for the entrepreneurs in our communities.

Women in Cloud is a community-led initiative supporting female technology entrepreneurs.  Via private-public partnerships with innovative companies and leaders in tech. Women in Cloud creates access to partnership opportunities, programs that accelerate business growth in the cloud and strategic alliances that advance the success of women in tech.

Women In Cloud celebrates the female entrepreneurs in the tech world; a source of inspiration and support that connects and empowers women in Washington and beyond, helping them to realize their potential and reach new growth through leading cloud industry, community, and government partners.

Our mission is to inspire, empower and accelerate the growth of women-led technology companies. The Women in Cloud Initiative is led by the Ignite WA leadership team in collaboration with Industry Partners, Microsoft Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Meylah.

Tribute Mentoring App

The WIT Network is pleased to support women run organizations such as the Tribute Mentoring App. We have signed on to be a partner with this amazing organization as they bring this new and innovative mentoring solution to market.

Their mission is to accelerate more women in the workplace by redefining the way professional women discover and connect with female mentors. Tribute is the only B2B mentorship app designed for professional woman.

Click here to see the results of a recent study on modern mentorship, conducted by Tribute, in partnership with the Center for Mentoring Excellence. Stay tuned to this page for more updates as we roll out this amazing app to our communities around the world.