The WIT Network


Donation Opportunities

The WIT Network is a 501(c) 3 not for profit supporting women in the technology sector across all disciplines from software engineering, marketing, and sales. With a fundamental belief that we need more women in early career stages and helping women earn those coveted management and leadership positions, we offer continuing education both to our members and those in need within our communities.

  • A recent UN report stated that 9 out of 10 people had bias against women in the workplace. 
  • We continue to have less than 25% of women holding management seats in companies
  • There is a gender pay gap at all levels in the workplace

We need more women with ambitions to grow their careers into management and leadership.  

Donate to The WIT Network WOMANagement Scholarship program
supporting management training, mentorship and support
to grow our ready now and ready soon future generations.

Management and Leadership Training

Every penny raised through our donation programs will support women to gain access to the boardroom table through our management and leadership training programs. With more women rising to positions of power, they will pay it forward to future generations of diverse hiring within companies of all sizes

I participated in the Azure Fundamentals training with The WIT Network, and it helped me land my first role in the tech sector. Before, I couldn‘t even get past the first interview.


I am grateful for the scholarships offered by The WIT Network as otherwise I would have never been able to afford this kind of training to develop my technical skills. Thank you.

The Emerging Leaders program gave me the confidence and voice I needed to ask my boss for more responsibilities and what I need to do to get that promotion.


I asked for a raise. I got the raise. I was able to work with my Emerging Leaders cohort sisterhood to help me with how to ask when I knew I was not paid fairly. My confidence soared after participating in this program.