The WIT Network

Emerging Leaders Program

The WIT Network, in partnership with ATHENA International, is offering this incredible 9-week Emerging Leadership Program for members of our network. Our program alumni is over 200 incredible women and we look forward to offering more cohorts in the future. Don't miss out.

There is a $100 USD registration fee to participate in the program. 

(This fee does not apply to our global and champion partners)

Registration for our February cohort is full.

If you would like to be added to our wait this please email

We are grateful to all our sponsors who have supported The WIT Network throughout 2021 to offer this incredible program to over 200 women. If you are interested in being a sponsor please reach out to  

Brittanie Harper

Amazing Alumni

The Emerging Leaders program will walk you through not only the journey of self but a journey of your own truth. It will provide you the tools on how you can pave your own path personally and professionally by strengthening what you already know and embody. The stories that were conveyed from a group of diverse women in my group, as well as training and speaker’s coaching assisted me in my professional development. If anything, you will leave this program with more knowledge on women’s progressions through society and with a group of women that will support you in any and every way. This is something, to me, that definitely was and still is impactful.

Brittinie Harper, Nintex

Cohort #11:  FULL

Our next cohort will be spring 2022.


At ATHENA International, we believe in developing women leaders from the classroom to the boardroom. Building on our 39-year history, our mission is to create a balance in leadership worldwide by developing, supporting, and honoring women leaders and those who inspire them by offering unique, impactful leadership development programs.


In partnership with The WIT Network, ATHENA International has adapted this 8-week program for a virtual community. It is designed to provide emerging women leaders with a global platform, tools, and resources for creating professional pathways for expanding their sphere of influence, gaining increased confidence, cultivating greater resiliency in the face of change and challenge, and stepping up into their own leadership potential.  A unique feature of this globally focused program is the opportunity to connect, learn from, and build relationships with other women leaders from around the world.

Built upon the ATHENA Leadership Model®, each session will focus on one ATHENA’s eight guiding leadership principles:

  • Live Authentically
  • Act Courageously
  • Learn Constantly
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Build Relationships
  • Give Back
  • Advocate Fiercely
  • Celebrate

Is This Right for Me?

This program is designed for those who are early stage developing leaders and later stage leaders who want to expand their level of leadership and/or who are interested in growing their leadership team.

Time Commitment

Divided into nine learning modules, each 2-hour virtual session will focus on one of the ATHENA leadership principles and include live polling, guest speakers, and interactive group discussion, led by a seasoned ATHENA facilitator. Attendees will also participate in a group service project outside of the regular session hours and receive links to additional reading material and other tools and resources to supplement their learning. Please allow approximately 1-2 hours each week for reflection, learning, connecting with your teammates, and preparation for our live sessions together.

Thank you to all of the sponsors who have supported this program since we started with cohort #1. If you are interested in sponsoring future cohorts, please reach out to your Account Manager.