The WIT Network

We've Got WIT Webinars

The WIT Network is proud to offer many programs, webinars and events that align to our mission and mandate.   Please ensure you check back often as there will be regular updates to our What's Happening at The WIT Network.  You will find all events and their registration information here.  We have two unique and wonderful series under the We've Got WIT Webinar banner.

We've Got WIT Webinars

Be Your Best Series

Whether you are in the first quarter of your career or the final quarter, our "Be Your Best" series is focused on personal and career development.  We have a group of fabulous speakers Authors, Leaders and Millennials.  We can't wait to learn, leverage and lean in.

Career Journey Series

We are excited to have so many amazing women tell their career stories from all areas of tech. We have leaders from HR, Marketing, starting your own business and those just starting out. Learn from these amazing women on what it takes to survive, thrive and excel in the technology sector.