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Vicki Thomson, Chief People Officer, New Signature

New Signature, with offices in 5 countries, was looking for a way to amplify their continued support of women within their organization. As a top Microsoft partner and long-time supporter of WIT, they chose to partner with The WIT Network as a key driver for the women's initiatives within the company. They currently have over 60 women within their organization and foster equality within their workforce.

The WIT Network offers us the ability to support, not only our female employees, but also our entire management team who are focused on diversity and inclusion. Every current and new female employee will receive a welcome package which includes their WIT Network membership benefits.

Companies are looking for more ways to support their women@ groups and are selecting The WIT Network as their partner to participate in our education, inspiration and business programs to support all women in technology. Whether you are in a technical, marketing, sales, management, HR, finance role as an individual contribution right up to the leader of your company, The WIT Network supports your journey.

We offer corporate business memberships for all sizes of organizations from 15 to 1000s.

Our corporate members are enjoying all the benefits The WIT Network has to offer particularly if your teams are dispersed globally. We are a network of professional women, mentors, sponsors and friends who are there to support all ages and stages of a women's career in tech.

The benefits of being a member:

  • Access to a global network of amazing professionals to support you and your business
  • Invites to attend local meetings, online webinars and incredible workshops and conferences
  • Grow your career through our development programs and educational resources
  • Participate in local and virtual global mentoring circles - learn from the best and share what you know
  • Join our philanthropic efforts promoting STEM and diversity around the world. Volunteer in remote regions such as Haiti and feel terrific about being
         an #agentofchange
  • Receive discounts to participate in our sister organizations and affiliate programs
  • Drive the SHENovators programme - the place where we encourage the next generation to develop their skills and be part of our Junior Board Program
  • Share your HERstory or be part of WITX to tell the world about your career journey and why you feel passionately about being a woman in IT

Join Us - we want you as part of our network! 

Levels of Membership

Business Membership - Advance diversity and inclusion within your organization, provide training and access to resources for your teams to develop skills.

  • $995 / year for up to 15 members
  • $1595 / year for up to 25 members
  • $2,997 / year for up to 50 members
  • More than 50 members? Contact us for a custom quotation

**All pricing is in USD

**The WIT Network offers automatic renewals for your convenience. Should you NOT want to renew your membership, please kindly email us at 60 days prior to your renewal date.

The WIT Network Corporate 15 Membership
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The WIT Network Corporate 25 Membership
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The WIT Network Corporate 50 Membership
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