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The WIT Network is growing across the globe and we invite you to join us!  We support women of all ages and stages of their career journey.  As a member of The WIT Network, you can participate in global programs, your local community events, or events in other countries virtually.  

Ready to join a team of inspirational change agents?  Or maybe start a community in your local city. 

To find your local community for unique opportunities to network, learn, grow, inspire, be inspired, and build lasting relationships, access the COMMUNITY DIRECTORY.

Check out our What’s Happening Programs page for a list of our Community Events

Becoming a Community Leader for me has been a life changer - it has helped me grow personally, professionally, and I am constantly inspired by the women that are in this community! 

Patti Cataldi, New York City Community Leader & Eastern US Regional Leader

Regional Leaders

Introducing our incredible Regional Leaders who support the Community Leads around the globe. We are still looking for a few more. If you are interested in being a regional or community leader, please reach out to Karen Chastain at .

Karen Chastain
Global Community Leader & US West
Patti Cataldi
US East
NYC Community Leader
Kelly Cuesta
UK Community Leader
Corinne Sharp
Canada Community Leader
Joie Bose
India Community Leader

Meet Our Local Community Leaders

North America

Latin America



Don't see a community near you? Take the lead and start one!

Volunteering as a Community Leader is an opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge and passion to inspire others!
  • Collaborate and foster continuous learning with other Community Leaders across the globe!
  • Network and build long lasting relationships!
  • Drive diversity and inclusion in your local community!

CONNECT HERE with a great team to help you get started!

It’s a great pleasure to co-lead the Seattle-Bellevue, Washington Community with Linda Roude. As a community, we support one another in career growth, technology learning, professional development, welcoming new members, and overcoming challenges in our life journeys. Volunteering to both our local and the global community is a rewarding, enriching, and educational endeavor that nurtures and expands our impact in the world.

Mary Alice Colvin, Community Leader Seattle-Bellevue, Washington

We are grateful to Microsoft as a Founding Sponsor of The WIT Network for their support and leadership for our global communities.