The WIT Network


As a not-for-profit organization, we value and rely our sponsors and members funding in order to operate and offer amazing programs globally. We have been fortunate to have garnered great support and thank both our members and sponsors.

The WIT Network prides itself on ensuring there are opportunities available to suit all sizes of organization and budgets. Our organization relies solely on sponsorship and membership in order to make a difference. Every single contribution is highly valued.

In addition to our membership options, we are honored to welcome sponsors keen to add their voice to the challenge we are addressing in our industry and reward investment with powerful exposure and recognition at every turn. This document outlines some of our programs, events and prestigious global community level sponsorship opportunities.

  • Program Based Sponsorships -- Webinar Series, Mentoring Circles
  • Local Events and Meet Ups -- Support your local communities and have an opportunity attend and network various events
  • Newsletters -- You have an opportunity to be profiled within our various communications
  • Event Based Sponsorship -- We lead our own major women's events as well as hosting programs as major conferences. Come join us.

Please contact our amazing team, should you like to discuss how we can partner together.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who have supported the WIT Network: