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Connect with Members and Peer Groups around the Globe

The WIT Network is excited to launch an exclusive new benefit to our members inspired by feedback expressing the many opportunities of networking. WIT Connects, Powered by Kalido, is a unique, innovative platform that will let you connect exclusively with members of The WIT Network around the world based on location, roles, and common interests, offering an intentional platform for unparalleled networking opportunities.

Who can use WIT Connects? 
  • Individual and student members of The WIT Network 
  • Corporate members of The WIT Network 
  • How do I find a mentor?
  • How can I connect with members of The WIT Network in new locations when I’m traveling for work?
  • How can I network with other sales professionals within The WIT Network?
"Finally, these questions are answered with our new platform, WIT Connects! Not a day goes by where one of us is not asked these questions. Members are looking to network with like-minded people for business and personal connections. It’s a time when support groups are needed more then ever before. We are delighted to offer these connection points for members of The WIT Network. It’s part of the reason we intentionally selected our name.  Finally, we matched with an incredible AI platform to bring our network to life. Happy Connecting!"

Christine Bongard, Co-Founder | CEO, The WIT Network

How to Join WIT Connects

  • Click the button -> to navigate over to WIT Connects.
  • You must use the same email address as your login for The WIT Network. For corporate members, this is your work email address. 
  • Once you connect, you’ll receive an email from Kalido to verify your account. 

**Note, if you do NOT wish to participate in WIT Connects or have your email shared to validate your membership, you may opt out at any time by going to your profile at in the member information section.

"I’m really excited about this new social platform for members. I’m especially looking forward to paying it forward and offering up mentorship to members in the network. That’s such a great feature of this platform. Mentor matching is so important for women who are looking to scale their careers and its wonderful to be able to offer this through a safe place, like The WIT Network. Looking forward to connecting you more members through WIT Connects!"

Kelly Nagel, Board Advisor, The WIT Network

What are the Exclusive Networking Opportunities I can Experience in WIT Connects?
Find a Mentor | Be a Mentor  

  • Find a mentor for specific skills, roles, or life goals. 
  • Be a mentor and give back to members based on your areas of expertise and their needs. 
  • Engage in our Mentoring in 30 Minutes program in the mentors channel.
In-Person Connections – Who lives/orks near me or where I’m traveling to? 

  • Join a local community event in a location where you live or are traveling to.
  • Connect with members in your community or in a location where you are traveling to. 
Peer Group Networking 

  • Meet other members by role, functions, or areas of expertise based on your current role or one you aspire to have. 
  • Connect with members at your customer’s/client’s or partner’s organizations. 
Work-Life Harmony – We are more than our work!  

  • Whether you are an avid reader, travel enthusiast, runner, foodie, pet-lover, etc., you can connect with other members with common interests through our affinity groups (channels).  

How Does WIT Connects Work?

Once you enroll in WIT Connects, you can build a profile page, join The WIT Network network, and begin to build your connections with members around the world. 

You can access WIT Connects two ways: 
  • Via your computer, with Kalido to sign in. 
  • Via your mobile device by downloading the app below.

HINT: For a more robust profile page, you will have the option to populate your data from LinkedIn and then enhance further with the power of WIT Connects skills-builder. This can only be done through the mobile app at this time.

More about our Partner Kalido

Kalido is co-founded by Sanjay Varma (Former #3 at Alibaba) and Ashvin Sologar (Former McKinsey Partner). Frustrated by watching traditional companies struggle to keep pace with agile competitors, they recognized that companies must transform the way they find, empower, and deploy talent. Maddened by inequalities in professional opportunity creation and access, they created a new AI-powered solution. Kalido was born with a mission to democratize opportunity for all, everywhere.

The WIT Network is thrilled to partner with Kalido for WIT Connects. The power of the platform will allow us to connect our members around the globe. Kalido will also bring transformative and powerful AI to revolutionize intentional hiring and recruitment. The WIT Network will be launching WIT Works soon that will allow our eligible corporate partners faster access to diverse talent through skills-based matching for your open roles.

Where Can I Find Out More?
LEARNWe will have regularly scheduled 30-minute orientation sessions. The schedule will be posted on our What’s Happening Programs and Events page.

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HELP:  If you need help while using WIT Connects, click on the Support button on the platform. 

"I’m really excited about the opportunity to connect with other women easily and warmly within The WIT Network. For sales professionals, the ability to reach out and connect with customers, prospects and partners makes networking easy and comfortable! When you are inside of WIT Connects, it makes soft introductions welcomed and a great way to grow your network! Can’t wait to expand my network in WIT Connects!"
Patti Cataldi, US Regional Lead, The WIT Network