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Empower Yourself to be an Ally

BeCOME #ALLIES – New Programs

The WIT Network, in partnership with Gavriella Schuster, an iconic leader in the tech space, Board Advisor to The WIT Network, and an advocate of allyship at all levels, is changing how leaders look at allyship. We are reaching into our networks and legions of leaders to help others BeCOME true #ALLIES.  We will educate, amplify and pledge to support leaders and organizations who do better in their organizational make up of gender equality around the board room table and at all levels of leadership.

We are offering new programs for both men and women
focused on what allyship means in the workplace

We have heard about the broken rung, leaky pipe, glass ceiling, the great break up, quiet quitting and more metaphors but those are conversations are often among women. We continue to have less than 20% representation of women in management and leadership positions. While many people are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is missing the mark on creating an authentic culture of inclusion and belonging. These new programs will support and empower everyone to BeCOME #ALLIES.

Gavriella Schuster
DEI Advocate
Board Advisor, The WIT Network

Watch What Allyship Means to a Company Culture HERE

Everyone's an Ally Programs

We are changing this together and The WIT Network is actively recruiting allies to show how it is done easily, effectively and in return, driving real business growth results as research shows more workplace diversity drives better business results. The #ALLIES training and programming is not only for men; women can also benefit from listening and learning how to become a true Ally. After all, everyone’s an ally, or should be!

Allies On-Line Training

If you would like to participate in the self-guided on-line #ALLIES Journey on the Rali Experience Platform, you can do that too. This is relevant for both men and women who have experienced being an "only". The best way to build allies is to be allies.

This self-paced program is offered as a peer group cohort with interactive on-line connections and conversations.

This on-line only training is available for $500/person USD.

MENtoring Circles

The WIT Network will host quarterly MENtoring circles with men and women from our corporate members to discuss allyship and how to lead meaningful change in companies.

Sign up for the next mentoring circle to be hosted in Spring 2024. Join us for an open dialogue and mentoring opportunities.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST
REGISTRATION will open soon

Men as Allies Power Panel

Manels are panels where there are only men on a panel. This won’t be one of those however we will be discussing the important topic of allyship and sponsors and what that truly means.

Are we truly in this together?
Join this discussion for how we change the narrative on Men as Allies. Open to non-members too.

Watch in Webinars on Demand
The WIT Network Executive Male Ally Roundtables -- First cohort in progress

Leveraging the BeCOME framework, this highly engaging program for male executives is ideal for the modern, progressive leader who wants to lead culture change within their organizations. This facilitated peer group aligns to the busy executive’s schedule and takes place over 6 months to foster learning and practice within their business.
  • 20 learning modules focused on allyship – learn and listen at your own pace
  • Guided peer-group discussions with your peers facilitated by industry leaders
  • Coaching opportunities on how to lead differently with new listening and coaching skills you didn’t know you needed

1. Introductions | Overview | Framework

This is the first phase of the Allies journey. You will join your peer-group cohort, share your objectives and experiences and the impacts that has on your business today. You will be introduced to Rali on-line learning modules that will open your eyes to what other’s experience in your teams or company culture.

2. Advocate | Listen | Lift

By now your awareness has peaked and you are flabbergasted that these behaviours happen let alone in your company. You are on your way to being an agent of change. This next facilitated discussion is all about what to do next with this new knowledge including how to change the culture dynamics and lead differently.

3. Include | Elevate | Sponsor

How you are showing up as a leader is different now. People are noticing and it is becoming contagious. Both women and men are noticing a shift in how women are being supported and sponsored within the organization. Not only are you attracting more talent, but your retention stats are also going up for your diverse employees.

4. How to Be and Build Allies

Now it is time to pay it forward as you can’t be the only Ally in your company. You have spent time with your peer group listening, learning and putting it into action. The sharing across your peers has been an incredible experience as no one talks about these issues. You do and can now lead your leaders toward better business results.

We will be starting these cohorts in spring 2023.This program is available for $2500/person to attend a small-group cohort.Download Program Information Sheet HERE.