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Men as Allies

The WIT Network hosted an incredible fire side chat with Tom Harshbarger, Synnex Vice President, Microsoft Cloud, Devices & IOT with Christine Bongard, President of The WIT Network. It truly was a reflective story of Tom's journey to become a "true" ally and champion of diversity within both his professional and personal life as a father of a daughter and son.

He took the audience through an assessment journey of where they are at as an Ally, whether male or female to challenge people's understanding of the responsibilties and accountabilities of an great Ally.

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Take the "Men as Allies" Pledge with us!

We hear all the time that men state that they are mentors, allys and champions but what does that really mean. The WIT Network, working with our Men as Allies advisory group has created a simple survey so that you can determine where you are currently at as an Ally of women and diverse individuals in your life.

  • Are you a silent observer who sees what goes on but not taking action?
  • Do you participate in mentoring programs for women?
  • Do you stand up for women whose voices are not being heard?
  • Are you speaking about inequality and inequities within your organization?