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 With so many women in the job market today, The WIT Network wants to support you in your job search.  In 2024, The WIT Network is building new programs, offerings, and connection opportunities for women who are in the job market now, soon to graduate or returning to the workforce after years away. Our global community of over 11,000 members and corporate accounts who are building their hiring plans, are ready and eager to support women job seekers as partners of The WIT Network.

Here are four ways you can participate in our WIT Works programming to support your job search:

  1. Join The WIT Network as a member – We offer many different levels of membership
  2. Register for our WIT Works webinars supporting job seekers
  3. Watch the recordings located below if you missed them
  4. Leverage the job search resources available on this page

The WIT Network and Dana Manciagli, Job Search Masterclass®

The WIT Network has partnered with Dana Manciagli, who has given her time to share her expertise to The WIT Network in Seattle and worldwide. Dana Manciagli has been a corporate executive for over 30 years. She has leveraged her employee hiring and management experience to become an author, blogger, career coach, and job search workshop founder. She designed and built Job Search Master Class® and is the author of Cut the Crap™, Get a Job!
Before starting her business ten years ago, Dana was Microsoft's general manager of worldwide sales. Her background in technology dates back to selling for IBM and leading worldwide marketing for Kodak digital imaging. We are grateful to Dana and her leadership.

We are hosting a three-part WIT Works webinar series to support job seekers on the fundamentals. Dana shares her expertise and opinion on resume writing, networking, interview skills and so much more in these engaging and interactive sessions derived from her renowned Job Search Masterclass® Program.

WIT Works Webinar Library

Remake Your Résumé for a New Era

It's time to revamp your credentials. Whether job-searching, career-changing, or happily employed, you need an updated, powerful résumé and LinkedIn profile. The #1 challenge most candidates have is telling their story.

Your résumé is where your story begins. What you write are your messages to your future readers, the hiring team, and your network. It also leads to a compelling LinkedIn profile, so you get called by recruiters!

If you don't know how to make your résumé tell your story or what it should include, this 90-minute virtual session is for you. You will receive a template to build your new messages and precise guidance to write your new résumé quickly.

During this WIT Works webinar you will:

  • Learn the anatomy of a résumé and LinkedIn from top to bottom.
  • Understand how technology scans your content and how to compete.
  • Receive multiple tools, including a résumé template and samples (click HERE for webinar resources)

How to Network for Job Search Success – With Total Strangers Too!

Captain Obvious: You know that networking is the most critical path to winning your next career position. Yet most people feel networking is the #1 most awkward, complex, and humbling aspect of job searching.

Whether you are an introverted extrovert or know thousands of people, networking for a job differs from networking for business connections. This type of networking is a science and skill you need to learn.

In this session, you'll learn a step-by-step job search-specific Networking Plan, how to ask for help with a purpose, and how to follow up perfectly. You'll get a copy of the slides, access to the session recording, and multiple handouts to use while you pursue your next career move!
Be prepared to learn:

  1. Where networking fits within the job search process
  2. Good form and bad form when networking
  3. A step-by-step process to be effective!
  4. Download networking tools HERE in the resource section below

How to Prepare for Job Interviews Before You Have an Interview

How does that last-minute cramming-for-an-interview work for you? Here’s a secret: you're not alone. The sad part is that you worked hard to secure that interview. However, like the hurdlers in the Olympics, your lack of preparation may cause you to fall on that last hurdle. You will never know you blew the interview, either.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to prepare for all interviews WELL BEFORE you get that great phone call saying, "We want to talk to you." Dana will debunk those myths about sounding too scripted and teach you a process you'll use to ACE your phone, video, or face-to-face interviews. You'll be ready to handle the most commonly asked questions AND be armed with great questions you can ask in the interview.


Presentation Deck - New Resume for a New EraDownload Here
Online Job Search Course Discount CodeDownload Here
Resume TemplateDownload Here
SAMPLE - Resume, Multiple Roles in One ResumeDownload Here
Short Resume VideoDownload Here
Resume Excellence Check ListDownload Here
Resume Summary and Skill WordsDownload Here
Robo ResumesDownload Here
Federal USA Resume TemplateDownload Here

Handouts for Download for the webinar: How to Network for Job Search Success – With Total Strangers Too!

Presentation Deck - How to Network for Job Search SuccessDownload Here
Networking – Top 10 BloopersDownload Here
Front Door – Back Door NetworkingDownload Here
Back Door Networking Check ListDownload Here

Handouts for Download for the webinar: How to Prepare for Job Interviews Before You Have an Interview

Homework Interview PrepDownload Here
Interview Prep Guide InstructionDownload Here
Interview Questions to AskDownload Here
Job Fair ToolkitDownload Here
WIT Interview PrepDownload Here

Job Search Masterclass ® exclusive discount for members of The WIT Network

All members of The WIT Network can participate in the Job Search Masterclass on-line programming for a significant discount. Download more information about this exclusive offer HERE