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International Women's Day 2022 On Demand

Thank you to all who joined our
 International Women's Day Conference 2022
as we embraced what it takes to #BreaktheBias

Nearly 900 people participated in our 4th Annual International Women‘s Day Conference held virtually on March 8th to celebrate around the world, in our communities, and in the technology industry. This powerful learning, reflecting, and networking experience embraced this year's International Women‘s Day theme, #BreaktheBias.  Our poignant speakers delivered empowering messages addressing the multifaceted topics around moving beyond imagining a world with gender equity by taking action.
For those who missed the event or who would like to re-live these transformational discussions, speaker videos and links are posted below.

We look forward to welcoming all our of new members from around the globe and thank you all who find the courage to break the bias!

The WIT Network Celebrates International Women's Day 2022

Christine Bongard
President - The WIT Network
Opening Remarks

Christine Bongard, President of The WIT Network, opens the International Women's Day 2022 Conference with an inspiring welcome to the audience.
Lindsay-Rae McIntyre
Chief Diversity Officer - Microsoft
Going All-In On Diversity and Inclusion

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Chief Diversity Officer at Microsoft, shared about Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion in her inspirational keynote, discussing the Microsoft inclusion journey, getting over getting it wrong, and creating a culture where everyone belongs. Visit Microsoft Inclusion Journey to learn more about these concepts.
Stefanie Chiras
SVP Partner Ecosystem Success - Red Hat
What are your career stepping stones?

Stefanie Chiras, SVP Partner Ecosystem Success at Red Hat, a Champion Corporate Member at The WIT Network, shares incredible best practices for navigating your career journey.

Power Panel - The Great Resignation Retention
Corinne Sharp - Co-Founder & CMO The WIT Network

Corinne Sharp, Co-Founder and CMO at The WIT Network, hosts leaders from several tech companies to discuss why women are leaving organizations and, more importantly, what leaders should be doing about it.

Cherilynn Castleman
Managing Partner - CGI, LLC
SOAR Above Microaggressions

Cherilynn Castleman, Managing Partner at CGI LLC, helps us understand what microaggressions are and how damaging they are to a corporate culture. It is time to recognize and stop this bad behavior.
Brandee Nielsen
Manager, Agile Coach - PwC
Make Effective Feedback your Superpower

Brandee Nielsen, Manager and Agile Coach at PwC tells us all how to make effective feedback your superpower. Feedback is a gift and it helps us all learn, grow and develop in our careers.
Fireside Chat: Men as Allies
Gavriella Schuster - DEI Advocate, Board Advisor
Thomas Ajspur - CEO Enavate

What does it really mean to BECOME an ally? Watch Gavriella Schuster, DEI Advocate and Board Advisor to The WIT Network and Thomas Ajspur, CEO of Enavate discuss this very important topic relevant to both men and women.

Monique de Maio
Founder | CMO - ondemandCMO
Creating a Life by Design, Not by Default

Through her engaging stories, Monique de Maio, Founder & CMO at ondemandCMO, tells us how a life by design means making sure you spend more hours doing things that give you joy rather than things that make you cringe.

Doreen Sebben
Executive Director - The WIT Network
Empowering Women Around the World

Doreen Sebben expresses gratitude and recognition for the contributors who help make The WIT Network's International Women's Day Conference happen, and gives a sneak peek at exciting programs coming up that you won't want to miss.

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